We specialize in manufacturing high quality, halal frozen food pastries

Our brand name, “Fatihah” is well known for its customers’ satisfaction and so, we strive in bringing our product to the highest level of excellence.

+603-6185 6690

Lot 12, Kompleks Industri Makanan MARA (KIMAR), KM 13, Jalan Batu Caves, 68100 Kuala Lumpur.


We deliver fresh taste of the pastries even though it is frozen


Special formulation made to keep traditional authentic taste of frozen pastries

R & D

Our R&D team are committed in formulating and improving the product quality


We produce Halal products and audited by JAKIM

Royale Paratha

There are four types of Royale Paratha which are Royale Paratha Original, Royale Paratha Durian, Royale Paratha Garlic and Royale Paratha Kurma. These Royale Paratha are the Best Seller products for FATIHAH. It’s very easy and convenient to prepare at any time! Our Royale Paratha are very special because we use the real Durian and Garlic inside!


Our traditional ‘Karipap Pusar’ is a handmade product. There are three types of them which are Karipap Pusar Ayam, Karipap Pusar Daging and Karipap Pusar Kentang. The layer pastries of Karipap Pusar makes the taste of traditional and crunchy texture for Karipap lover.


This is a triangular pastry folds consist of Chicken Samosa, Beef Samosa and Vegetable Samosa. It comes in a mini size Samosa and suitable for light snacking. The crunchy Samosa skin and curry flavor for the filling will satisfy your taste!


Another type of Karipap was named Karipap Crispy. It is called Karipap Crispy for the thin skin and crispy texture. There are four types of them which are Karipap Crispy Ayam, Karipap Crispy Daging, Karipap Crispy Kentang and Karipap Crispy Sardin. This Karipap Crispy is loved by children and adults too!


One of popular food in Malaysia is Roti Canai and Roti Boom. It is quite similar to paratha, but comes in different texture and recipe. It is usually best served with sambal, curry or dhal. We usually squeeze between the Roti Canai and Roti Boom after cooked the get the better texture of roti.

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