Fatihah Frozen Food

Company History

Fatihah Anis
Hajjah Fatihah Anis bt Ibrahim

Fatihah Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1994 by Fatihah Anis Ibrahim and since its inception Fatihah Frozen Food has experience growth and carved a niche in the frozen food industry. Fatihah Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd. currently manufactures more than twenty varieties of instant frozen local pastries for both Malaysia and international market.

The founder has experience over 20 years of manufacturing traditional food delicacies. She started on the small business and now she has a factory to expand her business.

The enthusiastic spirit of this single mother makes her strong to earn a living in times of severe financial crisis in 1998. She is the first women in Malaysia who involved in frozen food industry and use machines in the processing of products. Her success in life and business makes her been inspired by single mothers in Malaysia in order to succeed in life. From the effort and prayer, the brand FATIHAH is well known as the major producer of traditional food and delicacies in Malaysia.

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